Set Free to fly.

Aug 28, 2013
I had a zero winds and my training was going well. I flew the Condor 225 low and slow for a few flights and then Mark took me higher and I released the tow line. Saturday, Sunday and Monday (Labour day weekend) Lesson continue! :0)

Aug 28, 2014
One year later; I have had a total of 93 flights in the last year. Highlight was Aug 8th, 2014 when I did a 26km out and back on my Falcon 2-195 during the 2014 SOGA Fun Competition. Total Air time to date: 9hrs, 25 mins.


UPDATE: April 17, 2015

The above posts are mine.

Now 20 months into hang gliding and I've competed with Team Canada in my first CIVL, FAI, CLASS 1 Sports Competition at "The 2015 Green Swamp Sports Klassic! I came in 9th place on a Falcon 2-195! Super excited at how this is going.

This season, I am hoping to advance into my new wing. WW U2-160. I have some time to do on the WW Sport 2 -155 first, but then it's game on. I may do another competition near the end of the season so I can have two comps done this year.

Total Air time to date: 24.5 hrs, 153 flights. Rated H3