InfiniteSky Hang Gliding Simulator


Our InfiniteSky(tm) Hang Gliding Simulators rapidly develop essential flying and thermaling skills in student pilots, in addition to being the perfect tool for captivating an audience and sparking interest in hang gliding at any event.

The simulator incorporates a hang glider lifted on an articulating mount which controls flight simulator and soaring software by using true to life weight-shift movements. Using a simulator gives unlimited "flight time", which quickly creates and strengthens brain maps and perceptual-motor skills - the key to learning to a new skill.

Our InfiniteSky simulators are custom build to meet the needs and goals of each customer or installation, from the recreational pilot practising at home, to museums or large events.

Features that can be added or developed include:

  • Multiscreen and external displays.
  • 3D stereoscopic displays
  • Head-Tracking (move your head to look around in game)
  • Wind simulation
  • Glider sizes: simple control frame, mini-glider, or full hang glider
  • Numerous floor or top mounting options
  • Automated or semi-automated operation
  • Customized flight games or training exercises
  • Branded hardware or software

Please contact us for more information or to discuss a quote.

The simulator has been a popular attraction at numerous aviation expos and airshows. Here is a video from the first event we did: