Woody Valley Flex2 Light

Price: $819.00

FLEX2 ... the harness for beginners

  • made to measure
  • radio holder and kit-bag
  • side parachute container
  • Weight with rucksack: 5.0 kg
  • Certification: DHV test n° GS-03-118-03

What the 'Light' doesn't have that the Standard Flex does:

  • chest protection (a foam and mylar sandwich), for heavy landings
  • variable attitude with shoulder mounted clam cleats
  • detachable velcro mounted front zip

WV Flex.png
The picture above is of the Flex v1 and the panels are slightly different. The panel on the back (blue) goes further down to the boot, the next black panel also is wider on the side and extends to the boot and the bottom blue panel covers the bottom (so no black panel at the toe). We have been trying to get some updated pics from Woody Valley...

You can only custom select the two blue coloured panels (each can be different colours). The black parts stay black. See colour choices below.

Price does not include shipping costs (budget $120)
4-6 weeks production time + shipping time.
Separate Deployment bag required to fit LARA and Quantum chutes

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