Woody Valley Tenax3 v3

Price: $2,320.00

TENAX ... the “high performance” harness
Our most feature rich harness aimed at satisfying all flying techniques, while maintaining functionality and comfort

Version 1 - rope slider (similar to Cosmic) that adds a triangular fin to the top of the harness
Version 2 - rope slider as in v1 with hardware to add more friction to the system. Still has the fin.
Version 3- ‘Internal trim system’: a system to change the angle of dangle that can be activated whilst flying using an internal lever (kick-ass butt-lever)

  • made to measure
  • the sections behind the feet are formed of a plastic shell which means they can be used for storage
  • two different loops for aero-towing or winch
  • parachute container integrated in the harness radio, camera, GPS and drag chute container
  • detachable velcro mounted front zip
  • only the first model has the options of ballast containers consisting of two small mats containing 5 litres of water each. These are positioned under the back board, and can be emptied whilst flying.
  • Weight with rucksack: 6.2 kg
  • Certification: DHV test n° GS-03-0111-00

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