Hang Gliding Lessons, Courses and Tandem Flights

We are the only hang gliding school in Canada that can provide you with a complete set of training options - industry-standard low-and-slow scooter towing, aero-towing (soloing, tandems and cross-country tandems) & computerized hang gliding simulator.

We have a complete set of MODERN training gliders of all sizes to accommodate pilots of all size (from 100-300+lbs). All gear is included in any and all of the training packages listed here..and of course we can sell you any new and used gear you are interested in.

Prerequisite Price
Hang Gliding at Instinct Windsports
Discovery Course

Take your first steps toward making your dream of flight a reality! Our Hang Gliding Discovery Course training experience will equip you with the introductory orientation, theory and hands-on skills needed to smoothly launch you to the next stage of your full hang gliding certification training, and inspire you that hang gliding is something you can do!

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Beginner Certification Course

The second step in your certification (after a HG 101 Course). This course will give you a good foundation of flying skills, both on the glider and on the ground, and ensure hang gliding is a sport you would like to pursue.

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Discovery Course $495.00
Nick Launcing Sonic
Full Certification Course

Building on our Beginner Course, this is our course offering to take you through to being a fully-certified, self-sufficient pilot educated and skilled in multiple methods of flying, ready to fly hang gliders at our 'local' sites.

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Beginner Certification Course $1,595.00
AeroTow Course

This course introduces aero-towing to Certified pilots. It includes all ground-school (theory), a brief written exam and wheel or cart launch winch towing to introduce Student or Novice certified pilots to aero-towing.

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Full Certification Course $150.00
Winch Tandem Flight
Thrill-seekers, social clubs - this is for you! Enjoy a tandem ride with a certified tandem pilot by getting towed up to approximately 1500' or more with our high-powered winch.More Info...
Instinct Paragliding
Paragliding Lessons

Instinct does not currently offer paragliding lessons at this time, but please contact us if you are interested in paragliding. Both of our instructors, Mark and Ryan, are also advanced paraglider pilots, but our focus is currently on hang gliding instruction as it is much better suited for the type of flying (towing) that is available in Ontario, as hill launches are quite limited.

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A Table to Compare our Courses:

Theory Sessions Tandem Flights Approx Sessions Approx Flights Rating Tests Text Book Use of Equipment (while enrolled) Price **
Discovery Course Beginner 2 1 Incl $120.00 More Info
Beginner Certification Course Beginner 2-4 20 in 2 wks N/A No Incl $495.00 More Info
Full Certification Course
1 / 3 20+ 80-100 in 20 wks Incl Incl Incl $1,595.00 More Info
AeroTow Course AeroTow 1 Incl Incl N/a $150.00 More Info
Winch Tandem Flight 1 $160.00 More Info
Paragliding Lessons $0.00 More Info