New Selfie Camera Mounts for 2015

With over 100 sold world-wide and to fuel our ever-growing desire for Selfies, we thought we'd improve them for 2015!

Instinct Hang Gliding Selfie Camera Boom
A must watch video:

Set Free to fly.

Aug 28, 2013
I had a zero winds and my training was going well. I flew the Condor 225 low and slow for a few flights and then Mark took me higher and I released the tow line. Saturday, Sunday and Monday (Labour day weekend) Lesson continue! :0)

Aug 28, 2014
One year later; I have had a total of 93 flights in the last year. Highlight was Aug 8th, 2014 when I did a 26km out and back on my Falcon 2-195 during the 2014 SOGA Fun Competition. Total Air time to date: 9hrs, 25 mins.

Now an official Moyes dealer

I'm happy to say that Instinct is now an official Moyes hang glider dealer. Mark has flown Moyes gliders exclusively since his first high performance glider back in 1998 and continues to fly a Moyes Litesport as his personal glider of choice. Moyes is known for it's high-end competition topless glider, the LitespeedRX, considered to be the Ferrari of the hang gliding world.

2013 SOGA Fun-Comp

The 2013 SOGA* Fun HG Competition
Free-Flying and Fun for the whole family. Open to all HG pilots**.
Visitors are welcome to watch and visiting pilots are welcome to join in.

- hang gliding - camping - seminars - games - food - activities - prizes - campfire fun - trophies -

When: August 3, 4, and 5, 2013 (Saturday, Sunday and Monday) but come on out Friday if you can and get an early start. Many pilots will be camping on site Friday night.

GroupON Spring 2013 Hang Gliding Discovery Course Offer


We are very excited about the opportunity to introduce more people to the off-the-hook-amazing sport of Hang Gliding with a special offer for our Discovery Course on GroupOn!

Catching up with Betty at High Energy Sports

I had a chance to catch up with Betty from High Energy Sports today....I rarely get a chance to talk to her as most orders are sent to her over email or fax. I always enjoy talking with people that have been in the sport since the beginning and I've never heard her story.

How to Land

It's an important topic for all students to learn...we actually don't encourage to land on your feet for a very long time in our training process. We'd rather have you learn to keep your speed up, approach the ground at proper speeds and roll in on your wheels for a long time. Once you get that down pat, learning to land on your feet is much easier and less stressful.

Condor and Paraglider collide

This is an amazing video - amazing footage and amazing that both parties went unhurt.

Follow your Passion - Whatever it may be

This is a great video - very inspiring. I love his quote, "It's never to late to have a happy child-hood".

First Flights of 2011

Three of us went out today to get our gear out of storage and made sure it was all working. Our main sod field isn't close to being dry yet but the neighbouring alfalfa field is open to use when the crop is low. We got in seven flights between Ryan (3), me (Mark - 2) and Nick (2). Sorry Nick for not getting your flights on video, I thought I hit record on the last one. Nick had better landings than Ryan and I, I guess we taught him well and even operated the winch better!