NorthWing Hang Gliders

At North Wing, our main design criteria is to offer you a choice of hang gliders that deliver easy handling, making them fun to fly. On our quest for optimal safety, we feel our #1 goal when designing wings is precise control and handling... even at low speeds. When conditions out there get a little rough, we hope you will agree handling is going to be your biggest concern. Our wing designs must pass specific parameters, such as coupled feel in handling between pitch and roll, and a nice gentle stall. These handling pressures must fall within our tough guidelines. We feel these unique qualifications will instill confidence even when flying in turbulent conditions. Countless hours of research in sail, frame, and airfoil design have given our wings one of the largest speed ranges in the industry. Quality light sport aircraft, microlight trikes, powered paraglider trikes, wings for trikes, and hang gliders.

Brand Model Surface Area (sq ft) Span Glider Weight (lbs) Optimum Body Weight (lbs) Hook In Weight (lbs) Aspect Ratio Best Glide Speed (kph) Best Glide Angle VNE (kph) Max Speed (kph) Trim Speed (kph) Pilot Rating MSRP (new)
NorthWing Liberty158 158 33.7' 70 180-275 7.1 Intermediate $4790us
NorthWing Liberty148 148 32.3' 68 160-245 7.0 Intermediate $4790us
NorthWing Freedom 220 220 35.5' 80 275-500 220-500 5.8 Beginner 4400usd
NorthWing Freedom 190 188 34.8' 57 200-285 6.4 Beginner 4250us
NorthWing Freedom 170 171 32.6' 54 160-240 6.2 Beginner 4125us
NorthWing Freedom 150 148 30.1' 48 130-210 6.0 Beginner 4125us